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Special Issue Call for Proposals


We are now accepting proposals for a special issue on ''The Effect of Technology-Enhanced Language Learning on ELLs’ Achievement, Motivation, and Engagement''. Specifically, we are interested in research studies that address any of the following questions: 
-How does technology-enhanced language learning affect ELLs' motivation? 
-How does technology-enhanced language learning affect ELLs' listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills? 
-How does technology-enhanced language learning affect ELLs' engagement in class activities? 
-How does ELLs' L1 culture affect their attitudes towards technology-enhanced language learning? 
-What are the challenges of technology-enhanced language learning for teachers and students? 
-How do educational policies affect technology-enhanced language learning? 

While we acknowledge the difference between ESL and EFL, we do not aim to target the difference in this special issue. Therefore, studies in both ESL and EFL contexts are welcome. Similarly, the focus of this special issue is not on any specific educational technology; rather, we would like to see how different types of technology affect L2 learning. 

Deadline for submitting Abstracts: September 15, 2019
Notification of Acceptance: September 20, 2019 
Deadline for Submitting Full Papers: January 1, 2020 
Peer Review, Revise/Resubmit: January 15, 2020 
Publication date of the special issue: March 2, 2020 

Proposal submission link: 

For further information, please email the special issue editor at 

Amin Davoodi 
Special Issue editor, 
Dual Language Research 
and Practice Journal (DLRPJ), 
Center for Research and Development 
in Dual Language and Literacy Acquisition, 
Texas A&M University